Start/End city
1600 KM
9/7 riding
Average km/day
Tour type

This one is made for those of you who are looking to just enjoy the best passes in Romania. From Bucharest, we’ll first visit the Prahova Salt Mine and then, heading North, we’ll cross Cheia Pass, reaching Poiana Brasov with its stunning sceneries. We’ll take the Rucar-Bran Pass, reaching the famous Dracula’s Castle. Please brace yourselves for “the best road in the world”, as Jeremy Clarkson called Transfagarasan road, one that will challenge you with its scenic drive. The road will lead us to Corvin Castle, the spectacular Danube Iron Gates and the well-known Constantin Brancusi’s artwork. If Transfagarasan was not enough for you, here is Transalpina Pass – the highest Romanian road (2.145 meters). After that, we’ll return to Bucharest, not before choosing which of the roads taken was your personal best.

  • Cheia Pass – an amazing winding scenery for more than 100 km
  • Slanic Prahova Salt Mine – the biggest salt mine in Europe
  • Rucar-Bran pass – a spectacular view over Bucegi Mountains
  • Dracula’s Castle – home of Vlad the Impaler, known as the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s titular character in the novel “Dracula”
  • Famous Transfagarasan Pass – “the best road in the world”, as Jeremy Clarkson called it
  • Sibiu – European Capital of Culture in 2007
  • Alba Iulia Citadel known as Alba Carolina – the largest citadel in Romania
  • Corvin Castle – the most spectacular Gothic-style castle in Romania
  • Bison Reserve Silvut-Hateg – a location where the European bison has been reintroduced, after it disappeared from the country’s fauna a century ago
  • Danube Iron Gates – a boat ride into the amazing gorge carved by the Danube river
  • Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa – the capital of the ancient Dacian Empire
  • Constantin Brancusi’s artwork and museum – famous Romanian sculptor
  • Women’s Cave – an elaborate cave system containing human fossils from 40,000-30,000 years ago
  • Transalpina Pass – the highest Romanian road (2.145 meters), a true rival for the Transfagarasan beauty
July 2020
04 – 12


With own motorcycle 1243 €
Including BMW F650 GS 1837 €


Single room supplement +223 €
R 1200GS motorcycle +279 €
Pillion passenger +1243 €
July – Aug 2020
25 – 02


With own motorcycle 1243 €
Including BMW F650 GS 1837 €


Single room supplement +223 €
R 1200GS motorcycle +279 €
Pillion passenger +1243 €
August 2020
16 – 24


With own motorcycle 1243 €
Including BMW F650 GS 1837 €


Single room supplement +223 €
R 1200GS motorcycle +279 €
Pillion passenger +1243 €

Day 1

Welcome to Romania! Upon arrival in Bucharest, you will be transferred to the hotel accommodation, where you’ll meet the rest of the group.

Day 2

We will depart from the hotel’s entrance heading to Slanic Prahova Salt Mine where we will make our first break. Then we will ride to Suzana Monastery, continue our journey to Brasov city and Poiana Brasov, where will take another short break to lunch and admire the scenery. After visiting Poiana Brasov, we will head to our end point, Rasnov Fortress.

Day 3

The third day will start with the visit of a true Romanian landmark: Bran Castle. Then, we will head to Curtea de Arges where we will go on a tour of Curtea de Arges Monastery and the burial site for the Royal Family of Romania. We’ll continue our journey to the notorious Transfagarasan, stopping to take pictures at Vidraru Dam.


Day 4

We’ll keep going on Transfagarasan, stopping at Balea Lake to take in the scenery then we will be heading to Sibiu. After visiting the medieval city, we’ll continue our journey to our next stop, Rapa Rosie Nature Reserve and then, we’ll be destined to Alba Iulia Fortress and the Coronation Cathedral.

Day 5

Leaving Alba Iulia behind with all its glory, we will ride to Corvin Castle, one of the largest castles in Europe. Next stop will be the Bison Reserve in Hateg and finally, the Prislop Monastery, at the foot of the mountains. Here is a spring that is supposed to cure diseases.


Day 6

We’ll hit the road having one important destination in mind, the capital of the ancient Dacian Empire, Ulpia Traiana Sarmisegetusa. The, we will ride to our end point of the day, the Danube Defile. Here we’ll embark on a spectacular boat ride on the Danube River to the Iron Gates area.

Day 7

Today we will hit the road to Tismana Monastery. After that, we’ll head to Constantin Brancusi Museum for a cultural break. Continuing our journey, we will pass though the spectacular Sohodol Gorges to stop at the Museum of Popular Architecture from Gorj and lastly, at the biggest cave in Romania, Women’s Cave.

Day 8

Today is a big day since we’ll be traveling on to the highest road in Romania, Transalpina (2145m). We’ll stop often along the way to admire the breathtaking scenery and to take pictures. Our new destination is Voineasa and then Ramnicu Valcea. After one glorious day, we will return to our starting point, Bucharest.


Day 9

Depending on departure time, we will take a walk in the historical city center or visit a few of the most important highlights in Bucharest, then head to the airport.
BMW motorcycle usage All accommodation with breakfast and dinner
All objectives entrance tickets Experienced motorcycle tour guide
Comprehensive vehicle insurance for motorcycle Third party insurance for motorcycle
Support vehicle with space for 2/3 passengers and luggage space One traditional show/performance
Unlimited mileage Airport transfers
24h technical support
All services not mentioned above Riding gear
Warranty deposit Airfare
Alcoholic drinks Fuel

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to this Tour. For all other FAQs related to payments and our company in general, please visit the General FAQ’s page!

Legal: licences, paperwork

Do I need a motorcycle license for riding in Romania?

You need to have a valid driving license. Also, drinking alcohol is completely forbidden.

What about riding experience?

The level of difficulty of this tour is intermediate, so you need to have at least two years of active motorcycle riding experience prior to booking.

What happens if I damage the motorcycle?

All motorcycles are insured with Third party liability insurance and Comprehensive vehicle insurance. The customer must pay a safety deposit of 500 – 1000 Euro at the beginning of the motorcycle rental period. The deposit will be held until the motorcycle is returned undamaged and in good condition. The deposit will be refunded after establishing that the motorcycle was returned in good condition.

What about travel insurance?

We insist that all our riders obtain appropriate travel insurance. Be sure to double check with the insurance company that they will cover riding motorcycles (check the engine size) in the country you’re traveling, and what license they require you to have. As a minimum the insurance must cover medical evacuation and hospitalization.

Logistic: arrival, getting around & guide info

Where should I fly into/out from?

Both start and finish are in Bucharest, where there is an international airport.

Is there a support vehicle?

A support vehicle is included as standard. This will carry your luggage, spare parts, and tools. There is also space for one/two passenger(s) if needed.

Will we have a local guide?

Yes. All tours are accompanied by one local tour guide.

Will a mechanic be riding with us?

Yes. One mechanic will accompany the group.

Safety: gear, support and emergencies

What riding kit should I wear?

We don’t provide any riding gear for this trip so bringing your own is essential. As the riding is predominant road based then road/adventure style kit is the way to go. This means good helmet, protective riding jacket and trousers, ideally with protective armor on elbows, knees and shoulders.
You are going to need good leather gloves, as well, neck tube or even base layers for the days we are travelling at high altitudes in low temperature.

What happens in case of an emergency?

If you suffer a minor injury, we have a support vehicle you can travel in. In the event of a serious injury we will work together with your travel insurance company to arrange emergency transportation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Is Romania a safe country?

As in any other European country, exercise normal safety precautions in Romania.

General: food, money and accommodation

What will the weather be like?

Riding in Romania at that time of year offers the perfect riding climate. It will mostly be warm/hot during the day, but it will get cool at night in some of the places we will stop for sleep.

Can you cater for vegetarians, vegans and those with food allergies?

Although we cannot make any guarantees, we will make every effort possible to ensure that your food requirements are communicated properly to all kitchens. Please get in touch with us if you have more questions about what kind of food you should expect.

What is the accommodation like?

The accommodation on this trip is deliberately varied to offer you a wide experience of the Romanian traditions.

Tour price per rider