This weekend we had the visit of a couple of British friends, keen fellow motorcyclists. Hence plans were quickly put in place to escape from the hot city and head into the cool mountains. Just a day trip, but enough for them to enjoy riding through the pretty countryside and the breathtaking views over the mountains. And most importantly, a taster for them of how it feels to ride on the bendy roads of Bucegi Mountains. Their motorcycles of choice were BMW 650 GS and Suzuki V-Strom. Our road trip started from Bucharest on the fast road to Ploiesti and before we knew it we were out of the hustle of heavy traffic which comes with the big towns.

The peace of the countryside is almost surreal in Romania. One can ride for hours through the unspoiled villages and along the fields of various crops, just watching the villagers attending to their day to day activities, all at a very slow pace and probably with the same routine these tasks have been performed for generations. There aren’t many places across Eastern Europe (and definitely none in Western Europe) where one can observe (for example) the loading of the hay onto a cart, and then later on a rider finding himself sharing the small roads with such heavily loaded carts pulled by horses or bulls. It is quite a spectacle, like travelling back in time. And our friends have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Once in Sinaia, we headed to the world renowned Peleş Castle for a short visit and a stroll through the beautiful garden. Peleş Castle, the former summer residence of the Romanian Royal Family, is one of Romania’s historical and architectural jewels, its sumptuous rooms being sometimes used as film sets by American movie producers. Peleş Castle is one of the highlights in our “Unveil best of Romanian magic” tour. The town of Sinaia is also majestic, and we stopped in one of its beautiful squares for a refreshment and to admire the scenery.


Back on the move, we headed off the beaten track into the Bucegi mountains towards Bucegi Natural Park on a picturesque road which bends its way along the edge of the mountain. The ride on this road was exhilarating, and we were also rewarded with magnificent views of the valleys and mountains ahead of us. This is certainly a stretch of road not to be done in a hurry, one should take his time to fully enjoy the ride and the views. In fact, we loved it so much that we decided to ride back on the same road!

With sunset nearly upon us, we start the journey back to Bucharest, our friends thrilled both with the motorcycles and the experience.