Riderscape is run by Ride Break SRL, a Romanian owned company that is operating with the aim to provide unique escapes from your day to day life, by bringing riders deep into Romanian amazing sceneries and tradition.
It is a winning combination that molds unforgettable experiences and creates ever-lasting memories.
At the heart of Ride Break are its founders Raul and Liviu.

Raul is passionate about technology’s latest uses but he is also very fond of Romanian culture and traditions. Working for many years in corporate finance he always found his balance when riding through Romanian spectacular outlooks or discovering places with deep history and legends.
Raul’s motivation to set up and run Raiderscape is to share Romanian traditions and provide memorable riding experience within amazing sceneries while having an excellent customer service level.

Liviu is the technical half of Riderscape. Riding and fixing motorcycle is a long family tradition for more than two generations. He rode as well extensively on both Romania and Europe’s best roads and his motivation to join Riderscape is to ensure a smooth riding experience while sharing his motorcycle passion.